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Preserving traditional agricultural landscapes: Developing a strategy and management policy for the preservation of Arab agricultural landscapes in the Netufa valley Funding: Ministry of the Environment

Contact: M. Adar


Satiable citrus orchards management for soil, water and environment conservation.

The project aim to develop a satiable citrus orchards growing management that conserve soil and water and on the one hand, and on the other hand, maximize the benefits to the growers, environment and the overall society.

The project comprise multidiscipline scientists that test a large spectrum of issue related to citrus orchards growing management including: soil scientist, hydrologist, agronomist, entomologist, ecologist, environmental chemist and environmental economist.

Collaborating researchers: G. Eshel, R. Egozi, E. Revach, M. Sterenberg, A. Forman, Y. Avrahams, A. Nasser, Y. Dryshfon.

Funding: Ministry of Agricultural, Israel

Starting Date: January 2010

Contact: D. M. DiSegni