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Adaptation to Climate Change - Possible Academic Cooperation 

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An International Consortium that assembeles 73 researchers from 16 countries in order to identify conditions for permeanent production and supply of agricultural produce to the country population and for export, under uncertainty climatic and associated risks.  Work is organized in three main themes: crops, livestock and trade modeling. the NRERC team representing Israel in the third issue, analyzing the agriculture in Israel as a case study and will coordinate the expected effects of climate change on soil fertility and measures match risks to food safety enhanced by the changing climate. 

Head of Project: Prof. Mordechai Shechter

Researchers: Prof. Ofira Ayalon, Prof. Uri Milngelgrin, Dr. Ruslana Palatnik, Dr. Iddo Kan

Funding: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development



ICCIC - Israel Climate Change Information Center

The goal, during the initial stages of operation, is to gather and coordinate the scientific knowledge available on climate change issues in Israel in seven areas: regional climatic forecasting, impacts of climate change on the water sector, urban planning and building, public health, biodiversity, the economy and regional geo-strategic issues. Expert teams in each area are focusing on assessing the gaps in existing knowledge on the impacts of climate change in Israel based on different scenarios, surveying available means for minimizing damage and vulnerability and organizing seminars on each of these areas. The information will be incorporated in policy documents and will contribute to the formulation of a national plan on adaptation to climate change.

Head of Project: Prof. Mordechai Shechter

Coordinator and Project Manager: Prof. Ofira Ayalon

Economy: Prof. Mordechai Shechter, Dr. Ruslana Palatnik

Climate Change: Prof. Haim Kutiel

Water: Prof. Nurit Kliot

Public Health: Prof. Manfred S. Green

Regional Geo-strategic: Prof. Arnon Soffer

Biodiversity: Prof. Marcelo Strenberg

Urban planning & Building: Prof. Guedi Capeluto

Funding: Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection 


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ICCIC - May 2012 Report (Hebrew)

ICCIC Aug 2012 Report (Hebrew)

ICCIC Aug 2013 Report (Hebrew)

ICCIC 1st report (English)

ICCIC 2nd report (English) 


CIRCE (Climate Change and Impact research: the Mediterranean Environment)

The project involves 64 partners from Europe, Middle East and North Africa (61 of which are research institutions) working together for 4 years (start date 1st April 2007) to evaluate the best strategies of adaptation to the climate change in the Mediterranean.

Partners: Algeria; Austria; Denmark; Egypt; France; Germany; Greece; Israel; Italy; Portugal; Spain; Syria; Switzerland; Tunisia The Netherlands; UK; WHO; EC-DG-JRC; Institute for Environment and Sustainability

Project Coordinator: INGV- National Institute of Volcanology and Geophysics (Italy)

Contact: Prof. Mordechai Shechter

Funding: European Commission Sixth Framework Programme (FP6)


assocoated links:

CIRCE Website 



Vulnerability of Water Resource due to Climate Change in the Eastern-Mediterranean Ecosystem- an Integrated Approach to Sustainable Management- Socio-Economic Aspect.

Partners: Alpert Pinhas Tel Aviv University, Berliner Pedro Ben Gurion University, Becker Nir Tel-Hai Academic Collage and Fleischer Aliza Hebrew University.

Project Coordinator: Shafir Haim Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Contact: Prof. Mordechai Shechter


associated link:

GLOWA Website


National Policy Paper on the costs of greenhouse gas mitigation (jointly with the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology)

Contact: N.becker and Prof. Ofira Ayalon

Funding: Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection 



RICAMARE - Research in global change in the Mediterranean: A concerted Action: The economic costs of global climate change in the Mediterranean

Partners: France, Spain, Germany, Israel, Turkey, Morocco, Portugal, Italy, Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Greece, and the Palestinian Authority (1998-2001)

Project coordinator: Medias-France (Toulouse, France) and University of Toledo (Spain)

Contact: Prof. Mordechai Shechter

Funding: European Commission (ENRICH and INCO)


Exploratory Economic Assessments of Climate Impacts in Israel: Agriculture

Contact: M. Shechter and N.Yehoshua