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  • On the 21th of June, the NRERC held the "Natural Gas and the Israeli Society" conference.

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Prof. Ofira Ayalon and Idan Leibes presented some of the NRERC's projects during the 43rd Board of Governors annual meeting, university of Haifa.


  •  Dr. Ruslana Rachel Palatnik presented her work at the 31th annual conference of the Israek Economic Association, Tel Aviv, 1 June 2015

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  • MACSUR Project - Univerisyt of Haifa, 24 Feb 2015

        Climate Changes and Non Conventional Water Sources

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  • The NRERC Annual Researchers Conference 09 Feb 2015

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  • The Israeli Mediterranean: The Management Aspect, University of Haifa, 14 Sep 2014.

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  •  Israel Economy Conference, Tel Aviv, 4th of June, 2013.

OECD Survey - Household Environmenatl Behaviour Attitudes: Waste generation, recucling and prevention

Autors: M. Shechter, O. Ayalon, R. Palatnik and S. Brody

  • Natural gas and its contribution to the Israeli society, economy and the environment, University of Haifa, 21.5.13.
  • Exploring new ideas for trade and agriculture model integration for assessing the impacts of climate change on food security, MACSUR TradeM Workshop, Haifa University, 3-5, March, 2013

Programme 3-4, March  and  List of Abstracts

  • ICCIC - Climate Change, Costs, R&D, Haifa University, 1-2, November, 2011